Q: How to gain XP?

A: Whether you are online or off-line, XP will be gained according to the time and stage. The higher stage level you are at, the more XP you gain through Auto Play. You can also earn XP in Daily Event, Heroic Tower and Infinity Trail,etc.

Q: How to earn and use the common currencies?

A: Gold: can be gained from Auto Play, daily activities, buying Diamonds, etc.
Diamonds: through Purchase, Stage Pass, Magic Chessboard, etc., can be used to buy most of the materials and items.

Q: How to elevate Power quickly?

A: 1. OG and RD Gears provides massive Power increase.
2. Increasing your Partner stats also improves Power greatly.
3. Divine Force level is the basis of your Power growth.

Q: How to gain Partners?

A: Partners can be gained from Main Quests, Daily Quests, Sign-in, Heroic Tower and various events.

Q: What's the function of Partner Merge?

A: Partner Merge can improve the character's Max HP, help block damage from enemies and transfer 50% of the Partner's ATK to the character.

Q: How to become stronger?

A: 1. Join a Guild. Guild Skills and totems are effective sources of power.
2. Improve your stats. There are various dungeons to routinely gain materials from. These materials can increase your stats through different upgrade systems.
3. Use XP Skills and Partners merge/demerge well to defeat opponents stronger than you.
4. Forge Mythic Gears. Mythic Gears require materials from Treasure of Gods and various events. You can also gain different parts from 14D Logion to activate them directly.
5. Equip Gad Souls. Willpowers can be gained from Tower of Babel, Temple Exploration and other events, granting massive stats bonus.
6. Learn Partner Traits. Partner Traits can be gained from Tarot, Ladder and various events. Matching the Traits wisely can make your Partners even stronger.
7. Upgrade Partner Gears. Partner Gears can be gained from Treasure of Gods and various other activities, granting massive stats bonus.